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♥Monday, August 10, 2009

New Arrivals!!

Stitch holding leaf riceball x1 SOLD!
Stitch with hat x2 x1
Stitch with dress x2

Selling @ $15 each!

Miss bunny x1
Minnie x1
Marie SOLD
Angel x1

Selling @ $7 each!!
1 set @ $26 only!!

Stitch x1 (pending)
Angel x1

Selling @ $15 each!!
Selling set @ only $28

Stitch x2
Mickey x2
Minnie x2

Selling @ $22 each!!
Angel handphone strap!
Dimension abt (1-2cm height)
Selling at $10
Faster grab 1 for ur loved one n make a wish for them (:

If you guys find the pictures unclear, you can always send us an email telling us that it is unclear.

We will then send a clearer picture to you!! =)

Do enjoy your stay at LeeNaJonNes!!

POSB SAVINGS 073-33356-3
email: LeenaJonnes@gmail.com

♥Saturday, August 1, 2009

Priced @ $9 each!
Full set @ only $34!!

Left with 1 pcs each!!

Priced @ $13 each!
Full set @ only $24!!

Left with 1 pcs each!!

priced @ $15 each!

pooh in pajamas ( 2pcs)
mickey in pajamas ( 2pcs)( 1pcs left)
stitch in pajamas (1pcs)
miss bunny in pajamas ( 1pcs)

Priced @ $8 each!
Full set @ only $30!!

Stitch with sushi ( 1 pcs)
Stitch with ramen (1 pcs)
Stitch with pizza ( 1 pcs) SOLD
Stitch with hamburger ( 1 pcs)

POSB SAVINGS 073-33356-3
email: LeenaJonnes@gmail.com



▪ No backouts!
▪ Please do not go mia.
▪ Please CLEAR DOUBTS so that you don’t have to trouble both you & i.
▪ Strictly NO refunds!
▪ Colours may differ from actual colour due to resolutions and lightings.
♠♠ Mode of collection: MEETUP . ((:

Mode of Payment.
♣ Prices shown and Payments in SGD only.
♣ Clear all doubts before purchasing of items.
♣ Bank Transfer Only.
♣ Send payments to my POSB SAVINGS 073-33356-3
♣ Drop me an email to tell me you have sent in payments.
♣ Please do include time, REFERENCE No.
♣ No payment = No reference no. = No goods!


It's okay if you spam. :)


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